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Virtual; Zoom

Carrboro, Chapel Hill, NC


Pricing Packages

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Social and Life Skills Coaching

Social Skills and Life Skills Coaching is for...

- Someone new to college or their community who needs some basic life and social skills

- A teenager or young adult who wants friends but doesn't know how to make them

- Someone who lost the ability to socialize due to effects of the pandemic

- Someone entering a new phase of life

- Young men who want to improve their personalities 

- Someone who feels stuck and needs accountability and new techniques to move forward in life


At Marguerite Katherine Coaching, Coach Jad offers holistic and shame-free confidence coaching services to help young men embrace their true selves and live their best lives. As someone in the male-dominated restaurant industry who never felt truly aligned, Jad understands the unique struggles and challenges that men face when trying to build confidence and find their place in the world. Through a range of transformative practices and techniques, he works to break down mental and emotional barriers that hold you back, so that you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

KD Edwards; YA Novelist and Caregiver

"My nephew is the sweetest, kindest, most awesome kid, but his world is very insular. He’s never been comfortable leaving the confines of his room, let alone the house — to the point where he’ll develop hives when he needed to run errands. I brainstormed many solutions that panicked him, like traditional therapy, community college courses, or a high-level diagnostic program at UNC-Chapel Hill. And then I met Jad — who plays Overwatch like my nephew, is young, friendly, open-minded, and extremely patient and accepting. They hit off. There were no hives, and by their second week of sessions they were making plans to walk downtown and explore Carrboro, which was a new city for my nephew. My nephew wants to continue these sessions, and slowly we’ve been building his curriculum from “life skills” like cleaning and doing the dishes, to walking around in the community, and eventually they’ll come up with an education or certification plan for my nephew’s future. I cannot speak more highly about Jad — he is a freaking godsend. He and his sister, Marguerite, have a winning and affordable idea here. This sort of service is desperately needed."

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Aside from offering customized work plans, I also work within the budget of each of my students and their families, providing them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and achieve personal success in their future. Get in touch with me today.


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