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Holistic Tutoring

Holistic tutoring is where all of my services are combined with teaching subject material. In tutoring with me, your child will gain confidence both in their knowledge and in themselves. They will learn study and homework strategies, how to cope while in school, how to interpret grades, and how to talk to their teachers. Most importantly, they will learn how to talk to themselves as they go through one of the most trying times in their lives.

Kids and Family EQ Coaching

Research shows that EQ may be a better indicator of success than IQ. EQ is the ability to cope healthily with difficult situations, understand others, and understand yourself. EQ skills include resilience, self-esteem, confidence, and empathy. In EQ Coaching, children learn about emotions and coping, and parents learn how to sustain their child's healthier way of thinking and communicating.


Education Consulting

As an ESE teacher with knowledge of public, private, and international schooling models, I can help you find the right educational path for your child. Here is a little of what I can assist you with:

  • School placement

  • Understanding accommodations and IEPS

  • Navigating report cards and grades

  • Deciphering standardized test results

  • Communicating with teachers


Executive Function (Organizational) Coaching

If your child is struggling with paying attention, completing tasks, keeping track of their belongings, or managing their time, they may benefit from executive function coaching.

Executive function is responsible for many skills, including: 

  • Paying attention

  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing

  • Starting tasks and staying focused on them to completion

  • Understanding different points of view

  • Regulating emotions

  • Self-monitoring (keeping track of what you’re doing)

Contact Me

Aside from offering customized work plans, I also work within the budget of each of my students and their families, providing them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and achieve personal success in their future. Get in touch with me today.


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