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Executive Function Coaching 

Every child is different, so I like to coach differently, too. I know that no one model works for children and families, so I work with my clients to find the right strategies that work for them across all of my services. I am a certified emotion coach, young learners coach, and ESE educator. With the right help, anything is possible.

What does holistic mean?

Holistic refers to working with whole systems rather than individual parts. In my holistic education practice, we address the impact of families, teachers, emotions, and neuro-divergence on a student's learning outcomes. 

Marguerite is knowledgeable, patient, and engaging. I’ve been struggling for years to help my child get organized, keep her on task, and build habits that will help her manage her time better so she can complete her assignments in a timely manner. I wasn’t aware that she had issues with executive functioning. We were lucky enough to have met Marguerite just in time! In the short time she has been working with my daughter, I have seen my child’s motivation noticeably increase. Slowly but surely, she has been taking initiative to complete her assignments and following through with her tasks. This, in turn, is changing my child’s overall attitude and helping her build her self confidence. A great byproduct of their sessions has been that since Marguerite has been keeping my daughter accountable for her assignments, I don’t have to feel like I am constantly nagging her or stressing about whether or not she is forgetting to do her work. This has taken a lot of stress out of our relationship so that we can just focus on the fun stuff about being a pre-teen.

Mel P.

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Aside from offering customized work plans, I also work within the budget of each of my students and their families, providing them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and achieve personal success in their future. Get in touch with me today.


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